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    How I Run a Million Dollar Business from my Phone

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    Efficiency is one of the key ingredients of a successful business. There are 24 hours in a day, and I make sure to use them in the best way possible. I time block but leave flexibility in the event that things change, I make time for my workouts, set aside relaxation and “me” time, and of course, always make sure I prioritize my family and friends. Being an entrepreneur means creating my own schedule and essentially creating my own life, and if you follow my instagram you know I strive for a life where I not only work my ass off, but also take joy in the fruits of my labor. Working remotely is no doubt a huge component that comes into play when being efficient and while I may be “out of the office”, trust me, the work never stops. So how do I use my iphone to run my million dollar business?


    I honestly cannot imagine what it was like without technology like DocuSign…but here’s what I do remember… When I was younger I would hear my parents or myself send contracts through a fax machine. In between the “calling noise” and the cursing (due to the fax machine’s ever-long failure to connect), it just wasn’t a smooth or pleasurable process. And what was supposed to make things easier– well it didn’t. The other option would be to personally bring over the contract or mail away documents, and while I am all about old school techniques this was not only inefficient but also slowed my business down as a whole by having me spend more time on figuring out how to get the paperwork signed then on the actual deal itself. To this day, I wonder how many deals were lost from realtors relying on signing in person, fax machines, or mail aways– especially in a time-sensitive market where it’s literally a feeding frenzy to quickly make an offer on a great priced property.

    Fast forward to today where I can literally be anywhere in the world and do a deal. I always say, “if you’re at the office, you’re not making money”. I am always out either with clients or checking out inventory in the area and gaining more market knowledge. And because of this, I would say 95% of my business is done through my phone or computer. My clients sign electronically through DocuSign (I also love the scan and sign feature) and my business is streamlined not only making things easier for me, but also for my clients.

    For those who aren’t using DocuSign, here’s a way to try it out for free for 45 days. Trust me, it’s life changing. It’s also 2020 and you need to get with the times!

    Finding My “People”

    In order to run any type of successful business, I’ve got to work with people I like and trust.

    Over the course of my 10 years in real estate, I’ve worked with an enormous amount of agents at my company. Some worked out, others did not. And with every agent that left, I learned what to look for with the next one. I’ve also learned not to get frustrated with the process of finding the right person and really being clear in what I am looking for in an associate. Traits like professionalism, timeliness, friendliness, trustworthiness, easy-going, hustler–all aspects that are very important to me.  My agents all work independently growing their own business, but at the same time, we all work together as a team, helping each other when needed. It’s the perfect blend of personal growth mixed in a family-type setting and our company culture is awesome. When you’ve got the right team, anything in possible.

    Text, Call, Email, Communicate

    A core component in life is communication. It’s pretty hard to get anything done without it and I’d rather be known as the girl who reaches out “too much” then “never at all”.  I cannot tell you how many deals I’ve made happy simply because I was the persistent person who made things happen instead of waiting for them. No matter where I am locally or internationally, I constantly communicate with my associates and my clients. And even if I am thousands of miles away, it will always feel as though I am right around the corner. On flights, I dedicate that time to communicate with people–emailing and texting. Just like I time-block my business to have an organized daily routine, I also time-block my calls and make sure I have certain days and times I check in and connect with friends and clients. Instead of focusing on hunting new business, I pride myself on really placing emphasis on the client book I’ve built over the past 10 years and nurturing those relationships through communicating with them regularly.