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    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words but the Right Headshot will Make you a Millionaire

    Your headshot is everything.

    With that said, I dread photos–especially headshots and selfies… My “introvertedness” comes out and I feel awkward and uncomfortable  counting the minutes for the photo or photoshoot to be done. But in my constant mission to grow my brand and business, I understand (and have come to realize even more over the years) the power of “you” and putting myself out there.

    After Million Dollar Listing Miami, my business boomed. I was at the top of my game, but from a branding standpoint, I was lacking. I had plenty of content but no basis or consistency. People knew how to reach me via my business website, but as my business was growing, my personal brand was dragging and I knew that I needed to not change, but rather add something substantial to my foundation to be able to grow vertically; I needed to pull the curtain away and showcase the face behind the business, and the right headshot to promote it all.

    Over the years I’ve come to realize that most people don’t care about the years of experience you have or the material things you possess–what they care about is that you’re going to get the job done and hopefully also make it a pleasurable experience in the process. When you’re in sales, you may think you’re selling a product or a business, but what you’re really selling is yourself. And if you’re selling yourself, you’ve got to be placed in the right light, literally.

    In 2015 I worked with my photographer, Chris Headshots, and after 3 hours, hundreds of snaps and me whining and bitching about when it would be over…we finally got “the shot”…which actually ended up being the last shot he took.

    To date, this headshot has been viewed by people millions of times, all across the world, as well as sat on on park benches all throughout Fort Lauderdale… And when people that I’ve never met tell me they’ve seen my photo everywhere, I know exactly which one they are talking about.

    And how exactly has this picture made me a millionaire? It’s the basis of my brand. One of the main issues I see people out there doing, is change. Change can be a great thing, as long as it’s helping you evolve. But in branding, change can kill your business. Whenever a news outlet, media outlet, conference/expo, business endeavor requires a photo of me, this is the headshot they receive–every time–the same photo since 2015. When you’re constantly using the same image, people remember who you are, what you’re doing, and what service/business you provide. They feel comfortable with you, as if they know you, which in turn helps you grow whatever it is that you’re doing and from that, make more money. Your brand is everything — live it, breathe it, own it, be it. Don’t stop promoting yourself, ever. Go and spend the $250+, get the best photographic version of yourself, and share it…everywhere! It will be the best money you ever spend–it truly was for me.

    Now, that it’s three year later and 2018…it’s time for a strong change with the “power pose” photo… Let me know your thoughts.

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