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    10 Things I’m Currently Doing to Grow my Business

    We’re living in extremely crazy times and nobody has a playbook for what to do next. I’m no health expert and cannot comment on anything Covid-19 but like many, I do know how easy it is to stay at home, self quarantine, and lose focus on business and brand building.

    Bad patterns are easy to fall into but very difficult to come out of

    and this blog is dedicated to 10 things I am focusing on to stay on track and continue to grow:

    Update your CRM

    If you don’t have a CRM (customer relationship management) program, that’s ok. The purpose of this point isn’t to have the right program or perfect CRM, but instead, to have an organized list of your clients and contacts even if that means using excel or simply writing things down on paper. I’m constantly working and reworking my CRM and adding more information about my contacts. Your contacts are a priority–make sure you treat them as such.

    Schedule virtual tours of projects and properties

    One of the most important aspects of being a good Realtor is knowing the inventory.  A new community, a new project, an open house– there’s never “nothing to do”. Even now, my clients are still coming to me wanting to learn about new real estate opportunities. And while I cannot physically go see places, I can (thanks to technology), virtually see them. See what projects or real estate agents are hosting virtual tours and stack your schedule with these appointments.

    Work on reviews

    Reviews are literally everything. It’s what people think of me and the job I do for them. I’ll be honest, many times I get caught up in my work and I forget to submit a request to my client to write a review about me. But, the great thing about reviews is that they never expire; It’s never too late to ask for a review or recommendation.

    Clean out the email box

    I’m constantly dedicating time to cleaning out my email box so that it doesn’t get out of control;

    I’m basically Marie Kondo-ing my inbox– if it doesn’t spark me joy, it’s getting permanently deleted or unsubscribed.

    And while some people only think it helps with organizing, I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve gotten from simply looking at my past emails from months and years prior and reaching back out to them.

    Time block

    I talk about time-blocking a good amount but now more than ever, I have been relying on it. It’s easy to stay home, turn on Netflix, and lose sight of all things, and frankly, there’s no one to stop me from doing exactly that. However, I hold myself accountable and am very serious about accomplishing tasks both personally and professionally. This blog discusses many of the professional tasks to add to the time blocking checklist but don’t forget to blend in the personal stuff too– they’re just as important. This includes a time to workout, a time to relax, and even planing out my meals to ensure that I don’t fall into the rut of daily Uber Eat-ing. Moral of the story: write it down and COMMIT!

    Test out new products

    In real estate especially, there’s a ton of tech out there. Whether it’s the latest and greatest with a virtual tour program or a site that can help with lead generation, now’s the time to test those products with trial periods, listen to those 30 min sales pitches, out and figure out what’s best for business.

    Check in with clients and be a resource

    I’m always checking in with clients, because my work doesn’t solely stop when the transaction is complete. While there’s no roadmap to this pandemic, I at least try to bring value to my clients by contacting them and being a resource answering any real estate questions they have during these unpredictable times.

    Review auto-subscriptions

    It’s amazing how many things I was auto-subscribed to that I was too busy to ever notice. After checking my credit card statements a bit more closely, I cut out a nice chunk of monthly money on products and subscriptions I didn’t use or no longer needed.

    Plan for holiday cards 

    Yes, it’s not even summer and I’m talking holiday cards. Trust me, after 11 years of being in business, I can truly say it’s never too early to be thinking about the holidays and it’s always good to have a jumpstart.

    Listen to podcasts (or read) about business success stories or take a free class

    If you think you know everything, you’re doomed to fail.

    The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that there’s always something new to learn and podcasts, books and continuing education classes are a great resource for that. I love listening to podcasts about how people became a success and the zig-zagged path they took to get there. If there’s anything I know about success it’s that it’s an ongoing hustle and I’m always trying to see what “takeaways” I can gather from others to attain my personal and professional goals.