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    Hustling in Heels – A Badass Businesswoman Since Birth

    There are more CEOs name John than female CEOs altogether — sad, but true and I want to change that.

    When I was in the first grade I started my first business — selling toys and items I found in my parents house to my classmates. While it wasn’t the most “honest” business as my parents were stumped on how and why miscellaneous items constantly went missing, I enjoyed the hustle, and let’s face it, I enjoyed the money. There’s nothing like having financial independence, even as a first grader, and seeing the fruit of your labor. I knew what people liked and I was able to supply it. Furthermore, I talked to my classmates and asked them for feedback — did they like my toys? Were there toys or items they’d like to see in my inventory? I was always looking for ways to improve and grow because I knew that if I gave the people what they wanted, they would always come back.

    That concept never left me from the first grade. Growing up, I wasn’t the cool kid or the popular one. I was actually quite shy and introverted, which led me to be labeled a “nerd”. But the cool thing about “nerds”? Generally people like them and trust them, and guess what? Those attributes are some of the key ingredients to success.

    I had likability mixed with the ability of knowing what my customers needed and wanted. I followed trends and tried to always be forward thinking. After school, the hustle continued; bake sales, lemonade stands, car washing, landscaping — you name it, I was selling, building it, washing it. I found pleasure and fulfillment in creating businesses and making people happy through the services and goods that I offered. I was also able to “hire” my other classmates to assist me in my ventures, which helped me understand business growth and management.

    Today, I run a real estate company, invest in real estate, and develop…real estate… I also speak on national television about the housing market (real estate) and business, and educate and motivate people by keynote speaking around the globe. And soon, I plan to take over the world (just kidding…kinda). I have a constant fire under my ass that ignites me to want to be better than the day before. Is it driven by money? Partially. I do enjoy my exotic vacations and various material items, but money can only go so far before it’s gone. Having the ability to wake up every single day with the option to do whatever the hell I want based on what will make me happy? Now that’s priceless.

    I’m using my blog as a platform to motivate, inspire and educate people on what it truly takes to make it in business and to show how even for “successful” people, the hustle never stops. While I by no means have life figured out, I can say that I’ve made a few good decisions along the way that have gotten me to where I am and I’m looking forward to sharing these tips and my journey with you.